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Images of Rainbow Brite, Twink, Patty O'Green, Shy Violet, Starlite, Puppy Brite, Kitty Brite, Baby Brite, Spark, OJ, Romeo, IQ, Champ, Red Butler, Lala Orange

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Patty O'Green, LuckyPatty O'Green, Lucky, TwinkLala Orange, ChampLala OrangeShy VioletStarlite, Rainbow Brite, Twink, ChampStarliteKitty BriteKitty Brite, Rainbow BriteBaby BriteRainbow Brite, Puppy BriteRainbow BriteRainbow BritePuppy BriteRed Butler, RomeoIQIQ, SparkIQ, OJ

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Rainbow Brite was an animated television show created by Jean Chalopin, introduced by Hallmark Cards in 1984 and adapted into a movie in 1985.

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