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Smurfs: The Lost Village Clip Art

High-quality transparent png images of Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy, Smurflily, Smurfblossom, Smurfstorm, Snappy, Gargamel and Azrael, plus Dragonflies, Glow-Bunnies and Kissing Plants

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  • Papa Smurf
  • Smurflily, Smurfette
  • Smurfblossom, Smurfette
  • Dragonfly
  • Smurfstorm, Clumsy riding Dragonfly
  • Hefty, Clumsy riding Glow-Bunny
  • Brainy, Smurfette riding Glow-Bunny
  • Brainy, Kissing Plant
  • Clumsy, Brainy, Kissing Flowers
  • Clumsy
  • Brainy, Hefty, Snappy
  • Brainy, Hefty
  • Brainy
  • Snappy the ladybug
  • Gargamel, Azrael

A mysterious map sets Smurfette and her best friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting and thrilling race through the Forbidden Forest filled with magical creatures to find a mysterious lost village before the evil wizard Gargamel does.

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